What Your Butcher Doesn’t Want You To Know About Glued Meat

Still going to the grocery for your meats? You may be putting you and your family at risk for food poisoning as a result of glued meat. That’s right, that beautiful filet may just be a few chunks of meat that have been glued together with transglutaminase. Check out this video of an investigation into the dirty secrets of the meat industry .

As a trusted source of healthy, all-natural, hormone-free meats, Passanante’s Home Food Service guarantees the quality of the meats we deliver to your home. We believe in the value of knowing what you’re putting in your body and know how difficult it can be to do so in a world filled with butcher shops, grocery stores, and restaurants. Passanante’s only provides our patrons with foods they can feel good about eating knowing they are safe and the finest quality.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy food delivery service let us impress you with the service, quality, and delicious meals that Passanante’s has become famous for! Give us a call today and never worry about glued meat again!

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