Healthy Meal Planning Made Easy!


Enjoy delicious guilt-free food options from Passanante’s Home Food Services

As “Healthy January” comes to a close we know the will power to eat better that seemed so strong on New Year’s Eve may be beginning to fade. It’s no secret eating at home helps you not only save money but also save on calories, but unfortunately the art of healthy meal planning doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Lucky for us websites like exist to help us learn to make healthy decisions for ourselves and our families! has a ton of great resources including “My Meal Planner”, “My Grocery List”, and even ”Substitutions”, which we think is particularly useful  for converting your favorite recipes into healthier versions that you still love.  Browse their website and find inspiration for great meals, as well as information about the positive influence family meal time can have on your children.

At Passanante’s Home Food Service we believe in the value of a delicious, healthy, home-made meal and are dedicated to helping you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions to treat you and your family to a healthier life style.

Leave a comment in the section below or on our Facebook Page and let us know what kind of recipes you would like us to publish on our blog. With all of the delicious hormone-free meats and organic vegetables available for delivery from Passanante’s we can find a way to make any of your favorite recipes guilt-free … or at least less guilt-filled! J

Here’s to a healthy February and a healthy life!

Your Friends At Passanante’s Home Food Service

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