5 Food Trends of 2013 That Will Make Your Mouth Water!

Food Trends

Food fads come and go, so you’ve got to jump on board asap to take advantage of the new tasty trends for 2013! After reading tons of food prediction websites Passanante’s Home Food Service has narrowed it down to our top 5 favorite food trends to look out for this year. Check them out!

1. Savory Sweets

  • This trend was a shoo-in for our number one spot. Be looking out for more and more sweet foods that have swapped frosting for a savory favorite like bleu cheese crumbles. We’ve seen this trend before in simple spinach, strawberry and bleu cheese salads, but rumor has it that this will be popping up in appetizers, entrees and even desserts! Yum!!!!

2. New Flavors on the Scene

  • Move over butter, salt and sugar, the flavors of 2013 are in! Tart, acidic and bitter flavors are making their way onto the shelves of grocery stores and into the stomachs of restaurant goers all across the U.S. Be on the look out for sour beers, vinegars and fermented fruit juices that are sure to make your lips pucker.

3. Fancy Chicken Feasts

  •  With the recent increased interest and demand for better-raised and better-tasting chicken almost everyone agrees that chicken entrees will steal the show this year. Whether it’s chicken wings, chicken hot dogs or Filipino style fried chicken we think chicken is clutch.

4. Bye Bye Sriracha, Hello Gochujang

  • If you aren’t a spicy food lover this next trend won’t be high on your list of things to try.  An affinity for Gochujang, a spicy Korean chili paste, is spreading like wildfire across the country. Food predictions indicate that you might start seeing a dab of this super hot sauce on egg sandwiches, sliders, and chicken wings.  

5. All Veggie Entrees For All

  • Cauliflower steaks and spaghetti squash — it’s what’s for dinner? You bet! Heaping plates of tasty veggies and even vegetable based cocktails are all the rage this year. No longer will those fabulously colored produce favorites be confined to your salad course. Feel free to fill up on vegetables — it’s on your New Year’s resolution diet! 

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