Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone at Passanante’s Home Food Service! Reservations for Friday and Saturday were definitely hard to come by and somehow those best-in-class restaurants lose some of their allure when you don’t get to eat until 10pm. But don’t fret, there’s still plenty of time to make this Valentine’s Day extra special and extra delicious. Transform your home into a gourmet restaurant and keep the champagne flowing – no need to call a cab!

Need a little help with the menu? Check us on out on Facebook for tons of tasty inspiration. Enjoy!

100 Years of Service
100 Year AnniversaryBe on the look out for some fantastic opportunities throughout the year as we celebrate 100 years of service! Our community is incredibly special to us and we want to spend all of 2016 giving back to both our neighbors and our loyal customers. Join us as we make our 100th year the best one yet and get ready for lots of fun!

National Heart Month
February is National Heart Month and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day Passanante’s Home Food Service donated $1,000 to the American Heart Association.
Help save and improve lives with research, education and emergency care by donating to the American Heart Association.

Valentine’s Day is all about reminding your loved ones how special they are to you so we wanted to take a minute and do just that. Without all our loyal customers we simply wouldn’t be here. Thank you for trusting us to feed your family and for allowing us the opportunity to do what we love while providing employment to over 130 incredible individuals. We are so grateful to each of you and to all of the fine people that keep this service running each day.

From our family to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day.

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