Passanante’s Reputation Spotlight – Andrea & Debee

Since 1916 we’ve been proud to serve this community and were it not for our incredible customers we simply wouldn’t still be here after 100 years. We love hearing from our customers about their experience with Passanante’s Home Food Service whether it be a 5 star glowing review or a friendly email with recommendations of how we could further improve our products or service. Our goal isn’t to just be in business, it’s to be the best home food delivery service with the most delicious foods and the happiest customers.

Interested in hearing what other Passanante’s Home Food Customers are saying about us? Check us out on Facebook where you’re sure to find handfuls of fresh reviews each week in addition to delicious recipes and helpful food tips. Or feel free to request a Free Gourmet Food Sample and decide for yourself!

5 Star Review

We have been extremely happy with both the food and the service. We’ve been customers for about 10 years and have never had anything but great food and service. We have two type one diabetic children and are very careful about what we feed them. The food is healthy and tastes great.

5 Star Review

Passanante’s Home Food Service is exceptional, USDA Certified 100% organic, all natural, no hormones, no antibiotics.  Their guarantee of food quality, freshness and  excellent customer service  provides the benefits my family needs now and for years to come.  You’re looking at life long customers here.

Thank you to Andrea and Debee for taking the time to review Passanante’s through our blog, We appreciate the kind words and are thrilled to hear of your positive experience. Thanks for being loyal Passanante’s customers!

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