Reputation Spotlight – Lynn, James and Jason

A special thanks to customers Lynn & James H. as well and Jason S. for sharing their experiences online! We’re always delighted to hear when our food program has positively impacted someone’s health goals, and as always, we’re happy to have been able to take care of a major food spoilage due to power outage – a policy we stand behind 100%.  Thanks so much to each of you for the reviews and for trusting Passanante’s!

5 Star Review

Great food and fantastic service. Since I have begun eating Passanante’s meals, I have felt better, lost weight and gotten a great checkup rating from my Dr.
So grateful we made the choice to eat healthier.”

-Lynn and James H. (via Email)

5 Star Review

“Time for an updated review. We’ve been customers for about 5 years. You won’t hear me say that this is “cheap” because it’s not. But you get the quality you pay for, and in that regard you pay less than you should. But what has really impressed me lately is how they have stood by their promises. Every time we ordered (and re-ordered) we were told that they stand by their products 100% and that if anything ever goes wrong, even if its not our fault, they’ll replace any food. This is meant to include power outages. I always shook my head and said “that’s not going to happen.

I was wrong.

Last month we lost power for 6 days, and despite the fact that we did not open the freezer the food did not stay cold the whole time. By the time power came on, all of our food was thawed out and, as such, not safe for consumption. We lost about 80% of our most recent order.

I called Passanante, and was told (1) Do NOT keep the food, as it is not safe. (2) Get it out of your freezer and disposed of ASAP so that it doesn’t leak and create any odor or contamination. (3) Take a picture (ONE picture) of the food you lost. (4) WE’ll send you a replacement form online.

I did all of the above, filled out the form and submitted it with a single photograph, and today a delivery showed up replacing EVERYTHING we lost. At no charge! They did not make me prove the loss item by item, but showed great faith in my integrity. THey did not doubt my claim, did not try to wiggle out of it, and did what a good company does… they kept their word.

We are VERY pleased that we don’t have to drop all of that money to replace the food we lost, and although we hope to never have this happen again we know that they have our backs if it does.

That, alone, is worth the price we pay.

OH yeah, and their food is AMAZING. Order. Now.”

-Jason S. (Facebook)

Interested in hearing what other Passanante’s Home Food Service customers are saying about us? Visit our Facebook Page where you’ll find hundreds of candid reviews in addition to delicious recipes and helpful food tips. Or feel free to request a Free Gourmet Food Sample and decide for yourself!

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