Simple Recipe: Spicy Corn Dip

We know for many of our customers, particularly those still without power, prepping dinner or appetizers is about the last thing on your mind. We want all of our customers, neighbors, friends and family to continue to stay safe during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Passanante’s Home Food Service reminds you to do your best to not open refrigerators or freezers as it will accelerate the decay of foods if you are out of power or if you are only getting power intermittently.
Up next, a simple dip recipe that you can whip up in a matter of minutes and serve with any fall meal.
What you need:
2 Cans Mexi Corn drained
Small jar pimento’s drained
Small can chopped chiles
8 or 12 oz. jar jalapeños chopped kind of big
8oz. tub sour cream
8 oz. jar mayo
1/2 teaspoon garlic salt
12 oz. mild cheddar shredded cheese
Mix all ingredients together. If time permits, this dip is best if it sits overnight in the fridge. 🙂
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