Reputation Spotlight – Robert & Danielle P.

An EXTRA special thanks to customers Robert and Danielle P. for this beyond fantastic review posted on Facebook. Nothing makes us happier than hearing from happy customers about all of the wonderful ways Passanante’s Home Food Service has helped them simplify mealtime, eat cleaner, and save time AND money! Want us to help do the same for you? Request a Free Gourmet Food Sample and one of our friendly food counselors will show you what we’re all about.

5 Star Review

!!! If you are a busy family always on the go, want to cut your groceries bill or eating out!? or don’t have time for grocery shopping and want easy meal planning! Then keep reading!!!

You all know how much research I (Rob) do before we get into anything and let me tell you about this AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME company we found; Passanante’s Home Food Service!!!!

Danielle and I are in Love with this service and we just started it! All the staff we have worked with from our personal food counselor (Chris) to our awesome delivery guy Daniel! We now have a great selection of fresh meat, fish and vegetables & more!! I can’t over exaggerate on how Beyond delicious the food is from the juicy meat, tender steaks and great vegetables! And how healthy the food is! We were spending a small fortune eating out at restaurants 3 to 4 days a week and grocery shopping! With this service they bring the food to us, and because of the plan we picked they even provided us a gorgeous freezer that stores all the food we purchase and all the food is covered in case of food spoilage! To top it off it’s all organic, chemical-free and grown / raised here in the US mainly in PA & MD and the fish is wild-caught not farm raised with all those chemicals in US & Canada!

This service has already cut down the amount of times Danielle has to spend at the grocery store in over half and the amount of trips she used to make (Almost daily)!! I can keep going but I think you all get the point LOL

If you would like to know more about this awesome service please let us know! And we will get you in touch which are awesome food counselor Chris!!

They also have different plans to fit your personal need, we personally went with the long-term Platinum Plus Plus and got a bunch of gifts for our long-term commitment but we know we’ll always need food and we live that busy lifestyle with the two businesses and with a 3rd boy on the way. We know our food bill is only going to keep rising as these boys grow!! LOL!”

– Robert & Danielle P. (Facebook)
April 27, 2019

Interested in hearing what other Passanante’s Home Food Service customers are saying about us? Visit our Facebook Page where you’ll find hundreds of candid reviews in addition to delicious recipes and helpful food tips.

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