Reputation Spotlight – Carolyn

A special thanks to Carolyn for trusting us to feed your family and allowing us to do what we love for the last 100+ years! We appreciate you posting about your experience so anyone who is curious about Passanante’s Home Food Service can see how actual customers feel about us. As always, we’re thrilled to have exceeded your expectations and look forward to your next delivery!

5 Star Review

I am beyond ecstatic with Passanante’s service and products! To think that I almost didn’t go the travel show where I discovered them. The products are exactly what I have been looking for: delicious, healthy, and safe with no additives, hormones, etc. I am very impressed with the quality control of every product as well as the entire process.

Marques was our in home representative. I appreciated how genuine he was. He was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about everything. I appreciated how patient he was while we reviewed all the information.

We are also very happy with our decision to purchase the new freezer. Yet another quality product. The delivery was easy to schedule; the delivery itself was punctual and efficient; and the guys delivering were so nice and helpful!

I say do yourself a favor and check out this home service!

– Carolyn V. (
May 28, 2019

Nothing makes us happier than hearing from happy customers about all of the wonderful ways Passanante’s Home Food Service has helped them simplify mealtime, eat cleaner, and save time AND money! Want us to help do the same for you? Request a Free Gourmet Food Sample and one of our friendly food counselors will show you what we’re all about!

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