What The Government Shutdown Means For Food

It’s no secret that the government shutdown has shaken things up quite a bit over the last week or more, and many might be surprised to hear that the implications of this shutdown stretch all the way into your kitchen. You guessed it – we’re talking about trouble for the food industry.

A recent Salmonella outbreak in chicken has sickened more than 300 people across at least 18 states and, unfortunately, a “skeletal staff”at the CDC is making it slow and arduous to identify the cause and severity of the outbreak. Without the staff necessary to run appropriate tests, our ability to prepare for and warn consumers about major health threats is reduced drastically.

Imported Seafood

With 45% of the FDA’s workers furloughed, the majority of inspections on imported foods including seafood, produce and packaged foods have been suspended. While the FDA normally inspects only about 1-2% of our country’s current import shipments, which is estimated at 12 million per year, with the government shutdown this goes down to nearly 0% and imports won’t be turned away because they won’t be looked at. If you’re interested in what some of those rejected imports are all about click here to see one described as “FILTHY.

So what can you do to protect your family from unsafe foods?

One great way to protect yourself is to avoid “The Ten Riskiest Foods” regulated by the FDA which includes favorites like cheese, tomatoes and some seafood items. Roughly 90% of all shrimp consumed in America is imported from other countries, most of which being Southeast Asian countries that rely heavily on antibiotics and have a less than perfect track record with the FDA. Opt for domestic seafood like those delivered by Passanante’s Home Food Services which are wild caught from the Atlantic or Pacific and exclusive to the U.S. or Canada.

At Passanante’s we are more committed than ever to the quality and safety of our foods. If we wouldn’t put it on our own dinner table, we wouldn’t consider delivering it to your door. If you would like to schedule a time to talk with one of our sales reps about our home food delivery service feel free to give us a call at 1-800-772-7786.

Why Eat Hormone-Free Meats?

Hormone-Free Meat Delivery

An estimated 32.5 million cattle provide beef to Americans each year. 21.67 million of which have been injected with hormones to make them grow much larger

than average cattle. Although this industry is highly regulated by the USDA and FDA, a reasonable concern for the safety of these meats for human consumption has become a hot topic over the last years.

Much of the beef that fills the markets of America has been injected with unnaturally high levels of artificial hormones including Oestradoil, Progesterone, Testosterone, Zeranol, Trenbolone, and Melengestrol. The impact of ingesting this level of hormones is still largely unknown, but what many scientists do agree on is that these hormones may be responsible for a long list of incredibly dangerous side effects. Hormone residue in beef has been blamed for early on-set of puberty in young girls, which could lead to greater risk of breast and other cancers.

Similarly to the way pesticides are regulated in produce, the FDA regulates hormones in meats by setting levels of “tolerance.” The rapid demand for meats, particularly beef, in America has outpaced scientific research and the ability to gauge possible implications. As a result, scientists are still working to develop more effective ways to measure the steroid hormone levels in the “edible” meats from treated animals.

The meat industry will be ever changing as supply and demand impact the level of regulation from the US government. The fact of the matter is, the results of ingesting treated meats are largely unknown and are certainly a gray area.

Passanante’s Home Food Service provides our community of customers safe, all natural, hormone-free meats, and we do so with 100% confidence in their safety and wholesomeness. Give us a call today at 1-800-772-7786 and start feeding your family the foods they deserve!