Top 5 Super Bowl Party Tips

Super Bowl XLVIII

Tomorrow is a big day for all of us… that’s right, we’re talking about Super Bowl XLVIII. We’ve compiled our top 5 Super Bowl party tips to ensure your party goes down in football party history.

1. It’s all about the presentation. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the jersey you’ll wear, the beers you’ll serve and friends you’ll invite – but don’t forget about the atmosphere. Every great Super Bowl party boasts some awesome football-themed decorations. Check out our Super Bowl Pinterest board for a ton of great Super Bowl party decor ideas!

2. Offer a variety of portable snacks. When hosting a group of friends for the biggest game of the year, you have to make sure your snack spreads offer enough flexibility for your guests to really enjoy themselves. Instead of a traditional veggie tray, opt for individual clear plastic cups with ranch dressing in the bottom with carrot and celery sticks stuck inside. Maybe personalized pizza cones, custom kabobs or even mini mac n cheese muffins! (Also shown on our Pinterest board)

3. Don’t forget the meat! If you’re a Passanante’s Home Food Service customer, this next tip is going to be incredibly easy for you — just go into your freezer and grab a few packages of your favorite hormone-free meats! Delicious beef sliders, ball park hot dogs, short ribs, cheddar and jalapeño German bratwurst or fully cooked BBQ chicken wings – there are just so many options! Put some thought into your Super Bowl party meat spread this year and check out some of our great recipes like Tailgate Steaks.

4. Keep it interesting, play your own games! had some awesome ideas for ways to make a game out of Super Bowl commercials. Whether you’re filling out your bracket for ” The Ad Bowl” or playing “Super Bowl Bingo” — these games are sure to be a hit at your party. Click here for a ton of super bowl party games for the commercial lover!

5. Keep the rivalry friendly and share your secrets. When your friends ask you how you pulled off such an incredible Super Bowl party, spread the word about Passanante’s food delivery and how easy it makes your mealtimes. Our Facebook app makes it easier than ever for your friends to request a FREE gourmet food sample so they can try before they buy. 🙂

Happy Super Bowl!