Reputation Spotlight – Brenda, Kara & Margaret

A special thanks to customers Brenda, Kara & Margaret for taking the time to leave a review about their experience with Passanante’s Home Food Service. Reviews are the lifeblood of our business and were it not for our incredible customers we simply wouldn’t still be here after more than 100 years.

We love hearing from our customers regardless of if it’s a 5-star glowing review or an email with recommendations of how we could improve our products or service. Our goal isn’t to just be in business, it’s to be the best home food delivery service with the most delicious foods and the happiest customers!

5 Star Review

“Our order was delivered promptly and the guys unpacking it were very helpful explaining the the items to us as they unpacked each item. The meats are indeed much better than anything we have purchased in the grocery stores. We are eating healthier because it is so easy to quickly unthaw and cook a great meal. Normally, we’d go out to eat because someone forgot to thaw out anything for dinner. 

– Brenda (BBB)
July 18, 2018

5 Star Review

“Love the food! Love the service! PeterJames was great when he came out to see us! He made sure he gave us the beat deal possible, more band for our buck. Not to mention, explained how to use our air purifier we got from them that had been sitting unused for nearly a year. Planning to stay with them for a long time to come!”

-Kara M. (Facebook)
July 20, 2018

5 Star Review

“I’ve ordered their meat packages in the past and thing the burgers are the best we’ve ever tasted. Had a small problem on a recent delivery and spoke to Amy in the customer service group. She could not have been more helpful. Went above and beyond to resolve the issue and I look forward to enjoying more of their products!”

-Margaret M. (Facebook)
July 20, 2018

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Labor Day Special

Our referral program just got a litter sweeter!

Now through August 20th the customer with the most referrals who become customers will WIN a FREE MONTH OF FOOD! Not only that, each of the winning customer’s referrals will WIN a FREE SUMMER BUNDLE packed with our favorite summer eats including burgers, sausages, seafood selections and a dessert!

It’s a Win-Win for everyone!

So, how do you enter?
Just submit your referrals using THIS FORM and use event code “LABORDAY“. Then tell your friends to submit THIS FORM and mention YOUR NAME as their referral.

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**Some exclusions apply. Must be over 21, live within our service area and own your own home to qualify. Current service area includes Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Washington D.C., New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia.

Reputation Spotlight – L P. & Marissa

A special thanks to customers L P. and Marissa for sharing their experiences online! Positive reviews are the primary way that other families find out about our business, so thank you so much for taking the time to write these reviews about your experiences with Passanante’s Home Food Service !

Unfortunately Yelp’s “proprietary algorithm” needlessly filters out positive reviews from verified customers leaving a disappointingly unfair representation of who we are and what we do. These reviews are prime examples of a couple of the hundreds (yes, hundreds) of real-life experiences that are hidden from view and are not factored into our overall star rating on Yelp. It’s a real shame, but we are grateful none the less to these wonderful customers for posting their honest feedback about our food service! 🙂

5 Star Review

“Great Food, great prices.

I see that a lot of people are very upset by the additional product options provided by Passanante’s. However, I do not believe that people give movies bad reviews because the popcorn and soda are expensive, they just choose to purchase those items or not. The same is true with Passanante’s, they do not require that you purchase any of their additional options. You can simply just purchase food from them, fantastic food.

Their meat is such high quality that my family suddenly believes that I am a great cook. Nothing in my cooking has changed except for that I now am cooking Passanante’s food.

While frozen, the meat may look very similar to the food you can purchase anywhere, however, once you cook it, it is obvious that it is not the same because it does not shrink as much in size as other frozen products.

Passanante’s does offer the option to purchase other products and offer the convenience of third party financing which is at an incredibly high interest rate but you absolutely do not have to purchase any of those items. If you choose to purchase those items, they reduce the price of the food by the amount that you will pay in interest.

I have been a customer for nearly a year, have received 2 orders and could not be a happier customer.

-L P. (Yelp)
May 31, 2018

5 Star Review

“Their product is absolutely amazing. It’s so fresh and tasty! The portion sizes may not be as big as your local grocery stores, but that’s because their not filled with steroids and all that junk. If you care about quality, then this is the way to go. The price may be a little more, but you pay for what you get. If you care more about price, then what you put into your body, then this may not be a fit for you.

Presentation was very informative and we actually got to taste the product before purchasing, which is always a plus! The food rep prepared the chicken breast for us and it was so juicy and delicious. If you have the opportunity to try the product, you will taste and see the difference. It’s also a very convenient service. Not having to spend hours at grocery stores,between shopping and standing in line, is something I look forward to. Everyone should at least look into the service as an option!”

-Marissa L. (Yelp)
April 16, 2018

Interested in hearing what other Passanante’s Home Food Service customers are saying about us? Visit our Facebook Page where you’ll find hundreds of candid reviews in addition to delicious recipes and helpful food tips. Or feel free to request a Free Gourmet Food Sample and decide for yourself!


Sending Love to Ellicott City, MD

On May 27, 2018, our beloved Ellicott City, MD was flooded yet again by a torrential downpour that totaled 9 inches of rain over a two-hour period. Here’s how you can help.

All cleaning supplies and food should be directed to the Community Action Council of Howard County, which is collecting materials at the Howard County Food Bank, 9385 Gerwig Lane, Suite J, Columbia, MD 21046.

All philanthropic contributions should be directed to the Community Foundation of Howard County at

Ellicott City

Additionally, for every Free Food Sample Request ( delivered in the month of June, Passanante’s Home Food Service will donate $2.

Let’s help get this beautiful town back on its feet in record time and help all the wonderful families affected by this tragic disaster!

Reputation Spotlight – Lynn, James and Jason

A special thanks to customers Lynn & James H. as well and Jason S. for sharing their experiences online! We’re always delighted to hear when our food program has positively impacted someone’s health goals, and as always, we’re happy to have been able to take care of a major food spoilage due to power outage – a policy we stand behind 100%.  Thanks so much to each of you for the reviews and for trusting Passanante’s!

5 Star Review

Great food and fantastic service. Since I have begun eating Passanante’s meals, I have felt better, lost weight and gotten a great checkup rating from my Dr.
So grateful we made the choice to eat healthier.”

-Lynn and James H. (via Email)

5 Star Review

“Time for an updated review. We’ve been customers for about 5 years. You won’t hear me say that this is “cheap” because it’s not. But you get the quality you pay for, and in that regard you pay less than you should. But what has really impressed me lately is how they have stood by their promises. Every time we ordered (and re-ordered) we were told that they stand by their products 100% and that if anything ever goes wrong, even if its not our fault, they’ll replace any food. This is meant to include power outages. I always shook my head and said “that’s not going to happen.

I was wrong.

Last month we lost power for 6 days, and despite the fact that we did not open the freezer the food did not stay cold the whole time. By the time power came on, all of our food was thawed out and, as such, not safe for consumption. We lost about 80% of our most recent order.

I called Passanante, and was told (1) Do NOT keep the food, as it is not safe. (2) Get it out of your freezer and disposed of ASAP so that it doesn’t leak and create any odor or contamination. (3) Take a picture (ONE picture) of the food you lost. (4) WE’ll send you a replacement form online.

I did all of the above, filled out the form and submitted it with a single photograph, and today a delivery showed up replacing EVERYTHING we lost. At no charge! They did not make me prove the loss item by item, but showed great faith in my integrity. THey did not doubt my claim, did not try to wiggle out of it, and did what a good company does… they kept their word.

We are VERY pleased that we don’t have to drop all of that money to replace the food we lost, and although we hope to never have this happen again we know that they have our backs if it does.

That, alone, is worth the price we pay.

OH yeah, and their food is AMAZING. Order. Now.”

-Jason S. (Facebook)

Interested in hearing what other Passanante’s Home Food Service customers are saying about us? Visit our Facebook Page where you’ll find hundreds of candid reviews in addition to delicious recipes and helpful food tips. Or feel free to request a Free Gourmet Food Sample and decide for yourself!